Friday, November 6, 2009


As a rush of unexplainable feelings just swept through me
As I'm not able to hold back the tears,
As all these stresses and accumulation occur,
I know that You are in control of everything.
I know despite whatever I am going through now,
You are there to guide me and lead me through.
"Even though I walked through the valley of shadow and death, I will fear no evil".
I pray for Your peace which surpasses all understanding,
To come upon me.
And I uphold and surrender everything upon You.
For You are my strength, my fortress and my refuge.
I pray for good health.
I pray for wisdom
I pray for good memory
I pray for Your hands to be upon Your children as they take on their examinations.
My coursemates, SY, YS, Belle, Reggie, Del and everyone who is having their exams.
Let their results glorify You Lord.
In Christ's Name I pray

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